Our Mission

We believe that for WordPress to continue to evolve as a highly customizable content management system and application framework, we need FREE tools to make these sorts of sites easy for beginners and power users alike.

To help with this effort, we need to refocus our time on Pods development and continuing to improve our documentation and other support systems to the open source community.

You can help us in our efforts.

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What We’ve Accomplished So Far

The Pods project is now 6 years old, has over 200,000 downloads and has almost ten add-on plugins under active development. In the last 14 months, we have added three part-time team members, released Pods 2.5, and done a significant amount of development towards Pods 3.0. In addition, we have released six FREE add-on plugins and begun work on an innovative new open source documentation system.

We also held our first PodsCamp, a one day instructional event held the day before WordCamp DFW. The event had over thirty attendees. It also is providing us with new instructional videos, example code and slideshows for our website. We hope to be able to make this a yearly event, and put on mini-PodsCamps throughout the year in other locations.

What We Aim to do with Increased Funding

Currently, a large part of our current budget is supplied from doing custom Pods and WordPress development work for private clients, which consumes a large amount of our development time. It also takes time away from improving the Pods core framework and adding new features to the project.

We would like to focus more on developing Pods itself, as well as the kinds of client work that allows us to release new Pods plugins, such as the Pods Alternative Cache, Pods Deploy and Pods SEO Plugins.

In addition, we aim to improve our website, by implementing our new documentation system, improving navigation, adding new tutorials and overhauling our dated design.

Why Donations on their own aren’t working

We get very few donations out of the blue, apart from folks donations in appreciation for support on a specific issue they have. Furthermore, companies have no incentive to donate to support Pods because:

  • People assume Pods is fully funded by Automattic (it isn’t)
  • We don’t stress the importance of donations to our operation
  • Donations are unstructured, we don’t have a place to give credit for sponsors
  • We don’t promote or acknowledge recurring donations
  • They don’t get anything out of it besides helping us continue development (not even a sticker!)

We aim to fix all of that.

How? Introducing Friends of Pods!

Friends of Pods

We were inspired by the Public Television & Radio membership model and reward system, where members get a fraction of their investment back in some way for added value, in addition to supporting the project. Friends of Pods is our solution. This is not a paywall; this is merely a reward system with gifts donated & provided by our partners and other participants in the Friends of Pods program.

  • You can sign up for Monthly or Yearly recurring memberships, with the ability to make one-time payment (the same total as yearly)
  • You can pick from a large variety of Pods Perks packages depending on your membership level, that include access to a number of rewards currently available at the time that must be redeemed within six months and are also available on an annual recurring basis while membership is active.
  • Pods Perks packages contain free/discount codes and licenses donated by participating Partners or Friends of Pods.
  • And you’ll get a sticker! (and more!)

You can join at the Membership Level that suits your budget.

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