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What’s in it for me?

We’ve modified our sponsorship packages to provide more added benefit to our Reward Partners. If you Sponsor Pods at one of the levels below in addition to providing a Perk for our Friends of Pods program, you’ll get some of the amazing benefits shown below.

What are you waiting for?

You can help us and in return we can help you, too!

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Partner Perk Reward-only Bronze Silver Gold Pillar
Monthly Cost option FREE $25+ $100+ $300+ $1k+
Yearly Cost option FREE $300+ $1.2k+ $3.6k+ $12k+
Affiliate links used for your Rewards and Logos x
Logo Placement & Link on Rewards for Friends of Pods page with your Reward Perk. x x x x x
Blog Post: Included in Monthly General Announcement blog post with all other recent partners. x x x x x
Logo Placement & Link on Reward Partners at Friends of Pods, noting that you’ve not only provided a perk, but are also sponsoring the project. x x x x
Tweet Announcement for becoming a Friend of Pod mentioning your product & perk: “Become a Friend of Pods and get 10% off your hosting at @CompanyName (short link)” x x x x
Featured Perk(s) Ad for Friends of Pods on all pages of (pulls random perk across all partners) x x x x
Higher Rotation of Featured Perk(s) Ads based on Sponsorship Level x5 x10 x25
Logo & Link placed prominently in our Footer on ALL websites indicating your sponsorship of our product. Pillar gets larger logo. x x
Logo & Link placed on Help page inside our Pods Framework plugin, noting we are sponsored by you. Pillar sponsors get larger logo. x x
Logo placed in Footer of our email blasts indicating your sponsorship of our product. Pillar gets larger logo. x x
Monthly Customized Tweets to announce new features or promotions, negotiable schedule to coincide with your marketing promotions. 1 2
Individual Announcement of perk and write up on your product. Negotiable articles on your product and integration with Pods. x x
Ads with custom promotions, linking to your Partner page on Friends of Pods which shows your public promotion and upsells on becoming a Friend of Pods for your perk x x
Sidebar or end of article ads promoting your Reward Perk x